An Overview of Teams

CALA organizes designs into collections, and collections into teams.

Teams enables a dedicated workspace for your collections and designs, streamlining collaboration and organization. Upon signing up, every account is given its own team. When a collaborator is added to a team, they'll be granted access to all existing and future collections within that team.

Getting started

Every account on CALA has a team. If you're invited to an existing team, that will be the default team if you don't already have an account. Collections must now be created within a team. If you are shared on a collection – but not the team – you can access the collection by going to 'Shared Collections'.


Teams have the following permission levels:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • Can edit

  • Can View

Each team has one owner, but can have multiple admins, editors, and viewers. Owners cannot invite a new owner, but can define an existing team member as owner.

Everyone who is shared on your team will have access to all collections and the designs within those collections. You can also still add a collaborator on a collection, which won't grant them access to the team (meaning they can't access any other collections within your team).

Making changes

Click into the overflow icon next to the team name to make changes to the team. Here you can edit the team name, add new members, leave the team, or delete the team. Certain actions may be restricted depending on your permission level.


Leaving a team

If you are the owner of a team, you will be unable to leave your team. You must first specify someone else on the team as an owner. This can be accomplished in the collaborator modal. Once you leave a team you cannot undo this action and must be invited back by someone already in the team.


Deleting a team

You can delete teams, but please note that this action cannot be undone.


Teams introduces new subscription options – Starter, Professional, Production Add-On, Fulfillment Add-On, and bundled plans. Starter teams (which are free) can have 2 editor seats, unlimited viewers, and create 3 collections. Once this threshold has been reached, your team will be prompted to upgrade to Professional. Professional teams are charged per editor seat and include collection costing (submission) and unlimited collection creation. The account owner who upgrades to Professional will be automatically charged for each additional editor seat that is subsequently added to the team.

If a Premium team wants their collection to be produced they will be prompted to select the Production Add-On. The same goes for the Fulfillment Add-On.


Submitting a collection

If your team is a Professional Team, you will have the ability to submit a collection and receive costing. Starter Teams will have the option to upgrade their team to Professional to submit a collection.

Checking out

If your team has the Production Add-On, you can check out a design to be produced once it has been costed. Otherwise, you will be prompted to add a Production Add-On to your team.