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CALA Ghost Design

Work with top-tier fashion designers to turn your ideas into designs

With CALA's Ghost Design Services, you can work with a top-tier fashion designer to turn your ideas or sketches into a garment that can be manufactured.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Upload your ideas into designs in the CALA platform. These ideas could be anything from a moodboard that you've made, to photos of designs you love, or sketches that you've done yourself. Check out this design in CALA for an example of how to communicate your design ideas.


Step 2: Reach out to us via live chat and let us know you are interested in working with a CALA ghost designer. A CALA expert will get back to you and help you set up a collection and get paired with a ghost designer. 


What is included?

Kickoff Consultation: CALA will pair you with a ghost designer from our network that matches your aesthetic, and is an expert in the product types you are looking to design. The designer will reach out to you to set up an initial meeting to understand your ideas. 

Assets: Once your designer understands your design intent, they'll get to work sketching your designs and researching any materials, construction details, and techniques to capture your design intent. They will deliver the first round of designs and information within about a week of kickoff. 

Design Revisions: After the initial design delivery, you will have 2 revision rounds. This means that you'll see 3 rounds of designs total, including the initial design round. Here's an example:

  • Initial designs delivered 
  • Feedback given to the Ghost Designer
  • Revisions delivered 
  • Feedback given to the Ghost Designer
  • Final round of designs delivered

Material and Construction Advice: Throughout the design process, your Ghost Designer will advise you on material and construction suggestions in order to capture your design intent, as well as keep your designs within a target retail or production price range. 


How much does it cost?

The cost for ghost design varies depending on the type of products or artwork you'd like to make:

Cut & Sew Items:

  • 1-3 items: $750/item
  • 4-6 items: $2700 flat rate
  • 7-10 items: $3200 flat rate

Blanks Items:

  • 1-3 items: $350/item
  • 4-6 items: $1500 flat rate
  • 7-10 items: $2000 flat rate

Custom Graphic Artwork:

  • $750+/piece (variable depending on artwork complexity)