Customer Service: Contact and Timelines

A brief overview of CALA's customer service SLA's

CALA offer customer support for your brand Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CT

  • SLA: We will have the first response to emails within 24 hours

  • Email Support: CALA monitors all email support that required integration with our customer service platform. Below are the steps to ensure a successful email integration:

    • Provide your brand's support email address and password credentials.

      • Example:

      • Note: It is recommended to utilize a dedicated email to avoid miscommunications with customers

    • CALA will then integrate with the customer service platform

      • If there is two-step verification enabled, CALA will require the account holder to provide the authentication code during the integration.

Communication with CALA:

  • is your main point of contact. This email will reach all logistics and fulfillment team members so we can respond in a timely manner, and ensure that no requests go unanswered

    • Response time: 4-hour response for emails during business hours

      • (business hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM- 5PM PST)