CALA is the all-in-one platform for producing fashion products. 

Whether you’re running an international fashion brand or just getting started creating your own apparel, CALA provides you with collaborative design tools, small-batch manufacturing, brand strategy, fulfillment, and even financing — everything you need to build and manage a world-class fashion brand.

Our Services

Design Studio 🎨
The CALA design studio empowers you to create whatever you can dream up. This is where you add your designs, collaborate with your team, and communicate your vision to the exceptional production partner we hand-pair you with.

Design Consultation ✏️
If you're looking to get additional help with your designs, our team of expert design consultants can guide you through your productions start to finish. Whether it’s turning your sketches into production-ready design files, sourcing high quality fabrics, or finding the perfect pattern work, they'll help supplement any part of the process you'd like support on.

CALA Fulfillment 📦
Want to drop a small batch but don't want to worry about handling the shipping, packaging, and fulfillment? CALA fulfillment can handle the complete distribution of your creation. 

CALA Financing 💸
We know that the largest barrier to getting your production into the works is coming up with the initial capital. This is why CALA has partnered with Resolve to give you the ability to pay later for your orders with 0% interest on 60 day terms.

Not using CALA yet? 

Head to and sign up to get scheduled for a collaborative working session with one of our design leaders.

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