Getting Started
Kicking off your first project is easy! Click on "new design" and then upload your artwork into the designs, materials, and artwork sections on the bottom left.

Sections, Explained

To simplify the process for you and your production partner, we've categorized your design materials into three categories.

Have hand drawn sketches, guidance photos, or illustrator files? 

Designs is where you upload anything that communicates what you'd like your final creation to look like.

Materials 👕
3M reflective fabric? Heavy denim? Zippers? Buttons? 

Materials is where you upload photos or sketches of the materials you'd like to have used for production. If you're looking for ideas, you can always use CALA's blanks library at

If you need help with this step, let us know and we'll help you find the perfect materials. We'll also help you source the materials, so you don't need to have these materials on hand.

Artwork 🎨
Whether you're adding the design for your tags or a graphic for the logo embroidery, you'll add the artwork files to this part of CALA.

Once you've added your design files, it's time to add any comments and measurements you may need!

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