Welcome to CALA Financing, the easiest way to grow your fashion brand. You’ll have access to a line of credit that can be applied towards the cost of goods or paid marketing for your collection. 

Once you start selling, 100% of your net revenues will go towards paying down the balance until it is paid off.

What we’ll need to get started:
     •  Apply by emailing us here with your primary social media profiles
     •  The legal name of your business & address of incorporation
     •  Transfer ownership of your e-commerce store to CALA
     •  We'll add your bank account that to make sure your revenues flow there

Next steps:

  1. You’ll hear back from us with your Credit Limit.
  2. Once your collection is priced and ready for checkout, you’ll be able to checkout using your available credit balance. If there is a remainder, you’ll be able to pay for it with your credit card.

Payment schedule:

Once sales begin, you’ll receive a monthly invoice from CALA detailing the credit balance due, revenue share fees, fulfillment fees, and marketing fees (as applicable). This invoice is generated by the 15th of each month for revenue from the previous calendar month.

Here’s how Net Revenue is calculated:
[Total Revenue] (-)minus [CALA rev share] (-)minus [Fulfillment costs] (-)minus [Marketing costs – if any]= [Net Revenue]

Once the credit balance has been paid off, 100% of the net revenue goes to you.

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