While the specific stages will vary based on the complexity and readiness of your project, we aim to be consistent in our process.

First, we'll pair you with a technical consultant from the CALA team who will help finalize any work that needs to be done before your project is sent over to your production partner. This may include things like fabric sourcing, pattern matching, or creating production-ready design files.

Once your project is green-lit to move to production, we hand-pair you with a production partner in our global partner network. The partner will take a look at your designs, potentially ask some clarifying questions in the comments of CALA, and then work on getting you a production sample.

Once you receive your sample, you'll be able to add comments and make any adjustments to the fit in CALA. After approving the sample, the production run will begin!

At this stage, we'll have a pretty clear timeline for you and can work with you to handle the logistics for shipping and delivery. If you'd like CALA to handle the fulfillment of your creation, please let us know!

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