Fulfillment SLA guidelines

The SLA guideline, or Service Level Agreement, is the processing times CALA and its Fulfillment partner have agreed to for all customer orders and inventory receiving. Please keep in mind that all timeframes are “Business Days” and are subject to change depending on volume.

Order Processing:

Once your customer places an order, it generally ships from the warehouse within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. This means that once your customer places their order, it will either ship the same day or the following day.

For B2B orders, depending on the size, the orders may take up to 5 business days to pack and be ready to ship out of the warehouse. To place a B2B order, please contact your CALA Fulfillment & Logistics Specialist.

Order Type


Processing Time


Ground shipping

24 Hours

Expedited - Order placed before noon - Eastern

Expedited Ship methods refer to any named ship method that is 2 days or faster

Same Day

Expedited - Order placed After noon - Eastern

Following Business Day

Wholesale - Large Orders

Bulk shipments

3-5 days


Order Type


Processing Time

Inbound Inventory - <1 pallet

Inbound inventory that is properly labeled, barcoded, and previously noted to the F&L team

3-5 days

Inbound Inventory - >1 pallet

5-7 days


Customer order return processing timeline

3-5 days

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