At its core, CALA Fulfillment is a connection between your web store, the CALA platform, and our network of fulfillment providers.

As a participant in CALA Fulfillment, you're assigned a dedicated fulfillment and logistics expert, who develops a customized fulfillment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Some of the key areas we work through are:

  • 3PL Network Management: CALA works with a network of 15 warehouses located in 9 different states in the USA, as well as facilities in Canada, UK, and EU. Based on your end-customer demographics, shipping volume, tax liability and more, your dedicated CALA F&L expert recommends a warehouse network that will minimize fulfillment costs, storage costs, and time of transit, while keeping your tax liability as simple as possible.

  • Order Fulfillment & Customer Service: Once you're integrated with CALA Fulfillment, the CALA F&L team oversees all of your B2C and B2B order fulfillment and returns. We work with you to write a customized customer service playbook that incorporates everything from your brand's voice and tone, to your return and exchange policies. This playbook is used to train and guide our customer service team to respond to your customers' inquiries according to your brand's specifications.

CALA Fulfillment Summary:

  • Dedicated fulfillment and logistics expert

  • A customized plan to utilize CALA's 3PL network

  • Oversight, handling and analysis of B2C and B2B orders

  • Dedicated customer support team to support B2C customer support inquiries via email, phone and chat

  • Custom packaging design assistance.

Fulfillment Notes and Estimates:

Please note that the information below are estimates, and that actual charges will vary based on factors such as order size, inventory amounts, item size, packaging specifications etc.

  • Pick/Pack 1st item - $2.39-$2.98 depending on volume

  • Domestic Shipping Cost: ~$6-$8 domestic standard

  • Generic Packaging (Per-package) - $0.40 - $1.50

  • Custom Packaging (Optional) - Price depends on project & design

  • Storage Fees - Calculated based on volume of inventory. For a collection of 1000 t-shirts, we'd estimate storage to be around $75/month

  • Value Added Services (Optional): Optional Capability to perform special packaging such as wrapping items in tissue paper, arranging items in box, etc

For more information on Fulfillment pricing, click here.

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