If you're on the Creator or Uncapped subscription tier, we'll be taking a share of revenue.

Once sales begin, you’ll receive a monthly sales report from CALA detailing the sales, as well as, the amount of the credit balance that has been paid off. This report is generated on the 15th of each month for revenue from the previous calendar month.

Here’s how it’s calculated:
[Total Revenue] (-)minus [CALA rev share] (-)minus [Fulfillment costs] (-)minus [Marketing costs – if any]= [Net Revenue]

[Net Revenue] then is broken down like this →
60% pays down credit balance if you're using financing
40% sent to your bank account

Once the credit balance has been paid off, 100% of the net revenue goes to you.

If you're not using financing then 100% of Net Revenue goes to you right away.

What we’ll need to get started:
     •  Transfer ownership of your e-commerce store to CALA
     •  We'll add a bank account that we've setup to collect the revenue

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