In the event that a customer receives an item and declares there is a defect with the item, the item must be returned to CALA for analysis if you are seeking a refund from CALA for the defect.

For customers participating in CALA fulfillment, the customer will ship the defective item back to the fulfillment warehouse, utilizing the standard returns procedure. At the end of each month, CALA will submit an order with the warehouse to receive any defective goods for analysis.

If it is determined that the defect is due to a manufacturing error, CALA will refund the designer/business the cost of goods for the defective product.

If it is determined that the defect or issue was caused by customer negligence, CALA will not refund the designer the COGS or fulfillment costs.

It is up to the designer to determine their business practices as to whether or not a refund or replacement will be issued to the end-customer, and the timeline for doing so.

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