Below are explanations of the different CALA plans and pricing. Please click here to visit our pricing page to sign up for any of these plans.

Starter: $0/month

Starter tier gives you access to the CALA platform, so that you and a teammate can utilize our contextual design tools, and create up to 3 collections. This tier is free!

Professional: $29/month per-seat

You and your teammate have been designing up a storm on the CALA platform. You've saved countless design hours with the power of contextual design and collaboration through CALA, and you're ready to bring more team members on board. To top it off, you're ready to start submitting your collections to see how much they'll cost to produce through the CALA network. It is time to upgrade to Professional. Professional tier gives you access to:

  • Unlimited designs and collections

  • The ability to add more editors to your team

  • Collection Costing - The ability to submit your collections and have the CALA team let you know how much the collection would cost to produce through the CALA network

  • Full Access to 1MOQ - A weekly newsletter and content archive bringing you tactical resources and industry commentary on how to build a successful fashion brand

Production Add-On: $500/month per-team + Production Fee

You and your team have been designing faster, and more efficiently than ever before. You love the CALA pricing that you get back whenever you submit a collection, and you're ready to make your production life easier by using the CALA production network. Add the Production Add-On to your team to enable you to checkout for collections. Click here to see what to expect when producing with CALA.

$500/month subscription: When you start producing with CALA, you get a whole team of experts to ensure your production is flawless. We hire the best of the best on our production team, and this subscription helps support those fine folks while they oversee your production from end-to-end.

Production Fee: We try to keep the prices we quote you for production as low as possible. We like to show our service fee separately so that you can see exactly how much your goods cost, and exactly how much you're helping us grow. Our production service fee varies depending on the size of your business:

  • For brands with over $1 million in revenue - 10% production fee

  • For brands with under $1 million in revenue - 20% production fee

Example: Let's say you're a brand that has over $1 million in revenue and you submit a collection of t-shirts for pricing. CALA costs your collection, and lets you know that your 100 t-shirts will cost $1,000 to produce. CALA will assess a 10% production fee on the $1,000, which would bring your total production to $1,100.

  • Cost of Goods: $1,000

  • Production Fee (10%): $100

  • Total Cost: $1100

Fulfillment Add-On: $500/month per team

Whether it is B2C or B2B, order fulfillment can be tricky. Packaging, pick/pack rules, shipping speeds, carrier contract negotiations, returns management, customer service.... It can all add up to a lot of time, and a lot of headaches.

$500/month Subscription: You get a dedicated fulfillment and logistics expert who works with you to develop a customized fulfillment plan, tailored to your brand and your customers' needs. You get access to our aggregated volume shipping discounts, custom packaging design assistance, customer service team to handle all of your B2C customer service inquiries, and more.

10% Fulfillment Fee: We're transparent about your fulfillment costs, and we pass them directly on to you. In order to support your dedicated fulfillment and logistics expert, as well as our team of customer service experts, we add 10% to your monthly fulfillment bill.

Example: In January we fulfilled 1,000 orders to your customers on your behalf.

  • Pick/Pack/Ship/Returns/Storage fees: $5,000

  • 10% Fulfillment Fee: $500

  • Total Cost: $5,500

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