Fulfillment: Sending Inventory

A guide to shipping inventory to the fulfillment center

Sending Inventory:

Please see the shipping inventory guidelines before sending inventory to CALA warehouses. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in additional fees and/or extended/erroneous receiving.

Warehouse Receiving Instructions

Before you ship:

  • What we need from you

    • Style name(s)

    • Quantity(s)

    • SKU(s) (if available)

      • If there are multiple sizes, please include a breakdown by size

    • UPC Barcodes (if available)

  • What your package(s) needs

    • Warehouse Shipping Address (template below)

    • Shipping noticed number (SN#) on the exterior of each carton

Please note that all inventory will need SKUs and UPC barcodes to be fulfilled. If these are not present at the time of receiving they will be added to the products by the warehouse, at your expense, as a $35/HR project fee.

Warehouse Shipping Address Format (Please request a Ship Notice prior to sending inventory)


SN ########

800 Centerpoint Blvd

Unit C

New Castle, DE 19720



To avoid additional costs from assembly and sorting fees, your products should arrive to the warehouse ready to ship to the customer: pre-assembled, sorted, with a unique barcode for each SKU. Each variant of your product needs its own SKU. This means if you have one style of product, a unique SKU is required per color/size of that style. If your product has an official UPC, you should use that for your SKU instead of creating one.

All products shipped to the fulfillment center needs a barcode to maintain accuracy and keep track of your inventory. Each item has at least one barcode and accompanying scancode associated with it. Different from SKUs, barcode is a machine-readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths.

  • If the product has a barcode printed on it, it needs to match the barcode assigned in Shopify.

  • If you do not have barcodes or SKUs, CALA can help generate them and update your Shopify product pages.

Timeline & SLAs


Order Type Description Processing Time
Inbound Inventory <1 pallet Bulk inventory 3-5 days

Inbound Inventory >1 pallet Bulk inventory 5-7 days


 Customer order returns 3-5 days


All receiving times assume inbound inventory is properly boxed, labeled, appropriate documentation has been used, and CALA team has been notified of the shipment. See here for our Guide to Sending Inventory. If these instructions are not followed, extended processing times will occur.