How Do Returns Work?

An explanation of what you and your customers can expect if they'd like to return an item

When you participate in CALA Fulfillment, CALA's customer service team works with your customers to facilitate returns. For this article, it is helpful to understand that when we say "Domestic" we are referring to the country that your goods are stored in. "International" refers to any country that you do not have goods stored in.

Domestic Returns:

When your customer needs to return an item, they'll email your customer service email, which is monitored by CALA's customer service team. The CALA customer service team will then generate a shipping label and send it to your customer so that they can send the item back to the warehouse. The cost of this return label is generally equal to the cost of the shipping label used to send the item to your customer initially.

  • If you'd like to offer "Free Returns" to your customers, no extra work is necessary here. The cost of the return is added to your monthly fulfillment invoice from CALA.

  • If you would not like to offer "Free Returns" to your customers, our customer service can withhold the return shipping cost from the customer's refund when the items arrive back to the warehouse. For example, if the customer was returning a $75 hoodie, and the return cost was $10, our customer service team would refund the customer $65. The $10 return cost would be added to your monthly fulfillment invoice from CALA, but since you've kept the $10 from the customer on the return, the customer has effectively paid for the return.

International Returns:

By default, CALA does not support "Free Returns" for international customers. This means that your customers can still return something, but they will be responsible for shipping the item back to the warehouse. In this situation, the customer emails your customer service email address, and the CALA customer service team responds back to them with an authorization and shipping address.

If you'd like to offer "Free Returns" for your international customers, we can set up a customized returns solution to enable this. The pricing of a customized returns solution varies based on returns volume, but basic solutions start at $9/month. Please let your CALA Fulfillment and Logistics Specialist know if you are interested in setting up a customized returns solution.