How Does CALA Provide Support To My Customers?

An overview of the customer service offering when you participate in CALA Fulfillment

When you participate in Fulfillment with CALA, we provide email customer support to your customers. We do this by connecting your existing help email address with a CALA monitored email inbox, so that when your customers email you regarding an order, our CALA customer service team responds directly to them.


Once you sign up for Fulfillment, your dedicated Fulfillment & Logistics Expert will work with you to properly configure and display this email address to your customers.


If you require phone and live chat support, CALA can assign a full time customer service expert to handle this, for an additional fee. If you're interested in setting up phone and live chat support, please let your CALA Fulfillment & Logistics Expert know.


Please note that any email registration or hosting costs are your responsibility, but solutions like Google Workspace are very cost effective: