How Does Production Pricing Work?

Everything you need to know about CALA production pricing

Production Pricing gets broken down into 2 components: Cost of Goods, and Production Service Fee.

Cost of Goods: This is the total, landed cost to produce your items. The cost of goods covers:

  • Technical Design

  • Material Sourcing

  • Shipping costs for references

  • Shipping costs for material options

  • Pattern sourcing

  • Virtual 3D Prototype

  • Physical sample(s)

  • Grading

  • Marking

  • Bulk Material Sourcing

  • Manufacturing

  • Branded Labels

  • Care Labels

  • Shipping finished goods either to a fulfillment warehouse, or to you

  • E-Commerce Product Photography

In general, the more units you order, the lower your price per-unit will be.


Production Service Fee: We try to keep the cost of goods prices we quote you for production as low as possible. After we cover the cost of sampling, logistics, duties and taxes, we just about break even on those prices. In order to continue to build our manufacturing network, invest in making our platform more awesome, and grow our business, we add a production fee on top of the prices we quote you. We like to show our fee separately so that you can see exactly how much your goods cost, and exactly how much you're helping us grow. Our production fee varies depending on the size of your business:

  • For brands with over $350k in annual production spend - 10% production fee

  • For brands with under $350k in annual production spend - 20% production fee


Example: Let's say you're a brand that has over $1 million in revenue and you submit a collection of t-shirts for pricing. CALA costs your collection, and lets you know that your 100 t-shirts will cost $1,000 to produce. CALA will assess a 10% production fee on the $1,000, which would bring your total production to $1,100.

  • Cost of Goods: $1,000

  • Production Fee (10%): $100

  • Total Cost: $1100

If you have any questions about the pricing for your order, please let us know.