Virtual 3D Sampling

An overview of virtual 3D sampling with CALA


CALA is now including virtual 3D prototypes of apparel produced with us. We're on a mission to make sustainability a default, and utilizing 3D prototyping is a giant leap towards that goal. Working with 3D prototypes not only helps decrease development time, it also greatly reduces textile waste, and reduces carbon footprint.

In addition to the 3D renders that will be included in your production with CALA, you’ll have the option to add additional 3D services such as animated runway walks or turntables that you can utilize on your website to help drive sales.

When Will I See My Virtual 3D Sample?

If participating in a cut & sew production:

  • Your 3D prototype will be uploaded to the platform during the technical design phase of production. Once the 3D prototype is uploaded, you’ll be sent a link to schedule a meeting with the CALA team to review your prototype and give feedback. From that meeting, CALA will take your feedback, make adjustments, and upload the revised 3D prototype to the CALA platform for your review.

If participating in a blanks production:

  • Your 3D prototype will be uploaded to the platform once approval of the photo proof is given. Please note that for blanks and hard-goods productions, 3D prototypes are not used to make design decisions, as many design decisions are limited by the predefined blanks or forms being used.

Can I Purchase A Virtual 3D Sample Before I Commit To Production?

Although we include Virtual 3D Prototyping by default with all of our productions, we do offer the ability to only check out for just a Virtual 3D Prototype before committing to bulk production. We know that sometimes you need to see a style come to life before you commit to producing it in bulk, and 3D Prototyping is the perfect way to do so.

If you decide to proceed with bulk production after only checking out for a Virtual 3D Prototype, we allow you to apply 50% (up to $500) of credit per style that you choose to proceed with. In order to apply this credit, the style(s) you proceed with must be the same style(s) you've purchased a virtual 3D prototype of.