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Quick Start Guide: Creating Your First Design

A quick-start guide on how to create your first design and add some collaborators

Step 1: Create a collection under your team, then create a design in that collection.

Creating a new design-1


Step 2A (Uploading your own design): Name your design, then upload your sketches, illustrations, or tech pack. If you have a multi-page pdf, uploading the whole document will separate out each page into individual canvases in CALA.

Note: Each product you'd like to create must be its own design in the platform. For example, if you wanted to make a matching top to these shorts, that top would need to be a separate design.

Name your design and upload sketches


Step 2B (Creating a design using AI): Click "Create AI image" then select the product type you're looking to create. Enter the adjectives, materials, and trims/features of your product, then click "Generate".

Use AI to create a design

Next, select which generation(s) you'd like to insert into your design. 

Insert AI designs

Step 3: Check the design upload Checklist and see what's generally required for you to upload/specify in order to submit your design and receive costing. In this example, our next step is to identify construction details.

Check the design checklist


Step 4: Whether you're adding your design teammates, or adding your own manufacturer to your collections, CALA makes it easy to share designs with team members. You can choose to add collaborators to select collections, or give them access to all collections by adding them to your team. 

Adding a collaborator to a collection:

Add teammate to collection

Adding a collaborator to your team:

Add teammate to team

Step 5: Once you've added a collaborator to your team or collection, you can @ mention them in CALA to communicate, and assign tasks to them. 


Using Reviews

If you're on a CALA Professional Plan and want to learn how to submit your designs for pricing and production - check out that guide here.