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Use Artificial Intelligence to Create a Design

How to use the artificial intelligence features in CALA to create a design

There are two ways to tap into artificial intelligence to create designs in CALA:

1. Generating designs from scratch.

2. Generating variations of existing designs. 


Generating Designs from Scratch:

Step 1: Create a new design and give it a name.

Create a design and give it a name

Step 2: Select "Create new AI-powered design" and select your product type.

Select AI Product Type

Step 3: Describe your garment and image style

- In the "Adjectives and materials" section, describe things like colors, style, materials etc. about your garment. These values should be comma separated. In this example, we've entered "fall color palette, abstract pattern". 

- In the "Trims and features" section, describe construction details of your garment. Things like how many pockets your garment has, if it has a hood, if it has a zipper etc. should go in this section.  In this example, we've entered "pockets, hood"

- Select whether you'd like the AI generated images to be photorealistic or a flat sketch. We have "Photorealistic" selected 

- Click "Generate designs" and watch the magic happen! 


Step 5: Select the images you'd like to add to your design, or click "Regenerate" if none of the designs are what you're looking for. 

Select the AI designs you like

Generate Variations of Existing Designs

In this example, we're going to use one of the designs that the AI generated for us, and generate variations of it. 

Step 1: Select which image you'd like to generate variations of, then click "Create new AI-powered design" and select "Variation"

Select your image and generate a variation

Step 2: Select which images you like and add them to your design.

Select your variations

How Do I Produce Physical Versions of My AI-Powered Designs?

The outputs of the AI-generated designs are not quite production-ready. Things like materials, construction specifications, and hi-resolution artworks are all important pieces of garment production. Our in-platform Design Checklist is a handy tool to help you understand all the pieces of information that are necessary in order to cost/produce a garment. If you are interested in producing a physical product from your AI-generated designs and need help deciding on materials, construction specifications and more, CALA offers Ghost Design services to help! Click here to learn more about CALA Ghost Design.