What happens after I place my order?

A breakdown of the production process and what happens after you place your order with CALA

1. Technical Design

First, a CALA Technical Designer will be paired with your project to translate it into CALA standardized technical designs. This may include things like streamlining and optimizing your designs and callouts, updating your preliminary graded specs, and creating production-ready design files.

2. Virtual 3D Sampling

Once technical designed is finished, we move into the virtual 3d sampling phase. A 3D sample will be uploaded to the CALA platform, and you'll have the ability to leave comments and request minor adjustments to the product. Read more about 3D sampling here.

3. Physical Sampling 

After 3D is approved, you will begin to receive physical samples like fabric swatches, lab dips, trims, and proto samples of your garment. Each component you receive is recorded in the CALA platform, and reviews are created so that you can approve or request changes for samples  you receive. Tracking is also added for each component being sent so that you have visibility into their estimated delivery dates. 

The final sample you receive is a Top of Production (TOP) sample, which should be a perfect sample of what will be produced during bulk production. 

4. Bulk Production

Once all of your physical samples are reviewed and approved, bulk production begins. During this process we will keep you updated on estimated delivery dates, and status of the production. 

5. Logistics

As bulk production nears completion, a CALA Logistics Specialist will reach out to you to confirm your bulk shipping address(es) and estimated delivery dates. Once the products have shipped, tracking information will be provided in the CALA platform so that you can follow the product's journey to you or your fulfillment center. 

Note: If you are participating in CALA Fulfillment, your dedicated Fulfillment and Logistics Expert will handle all shipment coordination between the manufacturer and our fulfillment warehouse. To learn more about CALA Fulfillment, click here.